Michelin Americas Truck Tires recently unveiled two new tires designed specifically for use on waste vehicles that collect refuse and transport it to landfills or transfer stations: the XZU S and the X One XZU S.

The XZU S tire is available in 315/80R22.5 load range L size and is said to offer improvements in tread wear ranging from 10% to 40%, depending on the vehicle configuration and application.

XZU S tires have more than doubled bead durability compared to traditional tires and deliver increased sidewall protection through increased rubber thickness and a new optimized sidewall profile, according to Michelin product portfolio manager Michael Burroughs.

The higher speed capability is made possible by the use of co-extruded tread compounds that feature a high scrub resistance and a cooler second layer of tread rubber beneath. Michelin notes that dual compounding helps to significantly lower operating temperatures in the tread area without compromise to tire performance or durability.

The X One XZU S, offered in size 455/55R22.5 with a load range M, is the first X One technology tire (wide single tire) designed for use in a specific vocation.

According to the manufacturer, the X One XZU S tire increases payload because of the reduced unsprung weight, improves driver comfort and vehicle stability, while simplifying tire management because only one size is necessary.

During the third quarter of 2004, Michelin Retread Technologies will introduce a Pre-Mold retread product for the XZU S tire in all-position (XZU S) and lug (XDU S) designs.

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