International Marketing Inc. (IMI) said its new XactBalance 180 and XactBalance Truck products put the same self-adjusting, dynamic balancing concept used in the company's Equal tire balancing product for use outside the tire. The products are designed to provide fleets with an alternative to standard fixed weights as a means of balancing wheels, and to deliver a smoother ride.

XactBalance Truck is an adhesive wheel weight, which consists of twin thermoplastic chambers of steel particles that provide the balancing power needed for larger heavy-duty truck wheels. Having dynamic capabilities at the site of the imbalance, the company reported, allows XactBalance Truck to adjust for changes in speed, load and direction, giving the tire more miles between balances. It can be installed using traditional tire balancing equipment.

XactBalance 180 consists of two sections of long thermoplastic cartridges designed to cover the interior diameter of each wheel, creating 360 degrees of protection from vibration. IMI said this approach provides a new option for situations that prohibit the use of Equal or a spin balancer. The weight covers the entire wheel and can target imbalance at any point, so it effectively reduces vibrations for the life of the wheel and multiple sets of tires, IMI explained.