LOUISVILLE, KY. On-board scale manufacturer Air-Weigh has expanded its product line with a new entry-level model that features a compact design flexible enough for a variety of truck and tractor-trailer configurations. Called Quickload, it offers an in-dash display and control unit capable of accurately measuring individual axle weights for a price starting at $400, according to Air-Weigh CEO Martin Ambros.

The new unit can monitor up to four axle groups using air and axle deflection sensors, automatically calculating GVW and net payload. It’s best suited to dedicated tractor-trailer combinations and straight truck configurations, Ambros said during the product’s introduction at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Other features for QuickLoad include warning alarms as a vehicle nears and exceeds weight limits, easy installation, and accurate calibration unaffected by altitude, temperature or humidity, according to the company. Like all Air-Weigh on-board scales, QuickLoad comes with a three-year warranty.