From Craig Burt’s perspective, the economy is turning around. “We’re seeing business growth among our customers with pickup and delivery operations,” says the general manager at Houston-based PV Rentals LLC. “For us that means opportunities to expand our market while meeting the growing needs of companies that use trucks and vans to run their businesses.”

Successfully meeting the needs of P&D customers who operate in a number of different industries is the result of several things, Burt notes. “Over the years, we’ve learned how to address their load and capacity requirements,” he says. “We’ve also developed relationships with key partners, including truck dealers. For example, Rush Truck Centers has leveraged its partnerships with upfitters for bodies, refrigeration units and liftgates on our behalf for 10 years.”

PV Rentals and its sister company PV Leasing serve small local businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies, whether they operate one or 100 trucks. Those include furniture delivery operations, providers of food and dry goods, haulers of production equipment, and even a nationwide firm that picks up and delivers home medical equipment.