Western Star Trucks is making the Meritor Wabco roll stability control system (RSC) available on truck models. The system is available on 4700, 4800 and 4900 models equipped with Meritor’s anti-lock braking system.

RSC assists drivers in maintaining vehicle control by monitoring road conditions and automatically intervening when a rollover risk is detected. When the RSC system senses an impending slide or roll-over, it slows truck speed by reducing engine torque and engaging the engine retarder while automatically applying drive axle and trailer brakes. Once the risk has passed, the RSC system resumes normal vehicle operation, allowing the driver to regain control of the truck, Western Star said.

“With Meritor’s RSC system, we’re providing our customers with the best combination of performance and safety to reduce accidents and keep operating risks to a minimum,” said Mike Puncochar, product strategy manager, Western Star. “In an arena of increasing job challenges, our safety options are designed to help our customers focus less on those risks and more on improving their daily operations.”