Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. has introduced the ParkPilot Ultrasonic Smart Parking System, which uses ultrasonic technology to detect both moving and static objects up to six feet behind the vehicle, the company said.

According to Rostra, the ParkPilot system engages automatically when the vehicle is placed in reverse, sounding an alarm if an obstacle is detected, alerting drivers to unseen objects. A set of either two or four sensors—sold separately—detect 120 degrees from the bumper outward.

"Having a tool that warns drivers before a collision occurs as they parallel park or back into tight spaces can be invaluable," said Sibyl Ringsdorf, manager of marketing and national accounts for Rostra. "Our ParkPilot system…not only supplies consistent detection of objects behind your truck, but it automatically resets once the obstacle is no longer detected as well."

The system fits most vehicles, including the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 and Honda Ridgeline, the company said. To order, call Rostra at (800) 782-3379.