ArvinMeritor, Inc has introduced remanufactured brake shoes with PlatinumShield coating, designed to resist corrosion caused by the movement of the brake lining against the shoe table and rust formation on the bare shoe metal under the lining, also known as rust-jacking.

“While rust-jacking has been a recurring industry issue, it’s a fact that the increased use of harsh liquid chemicals as winter road solvents can accelerate the formation of rust on shoe metal where the paint has been worn away,” said Doug Wolma, gm of remanufacturing for ArvinMeritor’s Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket business. “PlatinumShield is a technologically advanced coating process that provides North American truck operators with the highest level of protection possible.”

The PlatinumShield-coated brake shoes will be standard on all Meritor remanufactured production shoes with “MA” and “R” prefixes beginning in May, the company said, and come with a three-year, 300,000 mile warranty against rust-jacking. It will be available to all OEM customers later in 2009.