Toyo Tire USA has announced that its new Toyo Open Country H/T with Tuff Duty tire is engineered to meet the needs of high-torque diesel pickup trucks that tow trailers or occasionally haul heavy loads.

The manufacturer said the new tire should provide longer wear and increased tread mileage as a result of its new three-belt construction, less tread void and deeper tread depth.

Toyo said the “Tuff Duty” three-belt construction reinforces and stabilizes internal tire construction while less tread void results in a larger surface area for more rubber on the road. Also contributing to longer tread life and longer wear is a deeper tread depth of up to 17/32nds.

The Open Country H/T with Tuff Duty is available in five, 16- to 17-inch sizes for Chevy, Ford and Dodge 3/4 and 1-ton pickups. All are rated load range E.