Product improvements include the inclusion of new unit control software, long-life motor mounts, upgraded alternators with higher charging voltage, and a new battery voltage-sensing circuit.

To help customers understand approaching emissions requirements for off-road diesel engines producing less than 50 hp., Thermo King has produced a brochure (TK 55124- 11-PL) detailing the changes.

“Education is key to assuring customers make correct decisions for their business,” Lenz says. Carrier Transicold’s new APX system includes a large illuminated display that continually shows the operating status of the unit. Pushbutton operation is a feature of the system. It also provides more information than its predecessor, the company says. According to David Kiefer, director-marketing and product management, the APX is the “first transport refrigeration control system to use modular, distributed electronics [that are easier to access for replacement of modules], run diagnostic software continuously, and monitor the refrigeration system to help avert problems.”

“With Carrier Transicold’s APX control system, operating data can be downloaded to a USB flash drive, providing shippers and their customers with printed records for load-temperature verification and claims management,” Kiefer points out. “Refrigeration controls provide a record of temperatures maintained in cargo areas and can track door openings.”

Because of its reporting capabilities, the APX system can “display data recorder trip graphs, providing operators and customers with an at-a-glance visual indicator of conditions within the trailer throughout a delivery run,” Kiefer adds.