The low maintenance benefits of LEDs have made them more commonplace in emergency lighting products for truck applications. Between their extended life capabilities and low amp draw, they offer fleets a good ROI, according to the manufacturers.

Preco Electronics says that up until now, however, LED warning lights for trucks have been very expensive. This summer, the company will be launching a new product that's due to come out in a price range comparable to that of a high-end strobe light but with the benefits of an LED, which lasts longer because it has no filaments to burn out.

The new warning light, Preco reports, also combines the attention-getting advantages of a rotator light with LEDs. On the rotating LED light, the company says it has replaced a standard motor with a stepper motor to increase life expectancy. The new light is nicknamed the Whisper beacon because it is also quieter than traditional rotating warning lights.

Preco says the new light can be used in any truck application requiring a warning lighting, such as when hauling large loads. Late in 2006 the manufacturer says it will also be offering this technology in a mini-bar as well, which will feature dual rotators inside.

Last fall, Truck-Lite added a second lamp to its family of Super 44 LED strobes. The new lamp is available in both red and amber versions. According to the company, the strobe contains a synchronized alternating feature, which allows fleet operators to select between dual, quad and alternating dual flashing patterns by easily altering the way each lamp is wired.

Truck-Lite Series 44 LED strobe lamps are suitable for construction, municipal, agricultural, snowplow, tow and many other applications. The high-intensity lamps meet SAE J845 and J1318 photometric specifications, Truck-Lite says, and compared with conventional strobe heads, the LED ones save on cost and energy. They are also designed with a durable synthetic rubber housing to resist the effects of corrosion.

Strobe beacons from Truck-Lite rotate 360 degrees. They are available in both medium-profile and mini-strobe, and feature multiple user-selectable flash patterns.

New to Grote's line of emergency and warning lights is a SuperNova LED, alternating “X” pattern, strobe/turn signal lamp kit that's ideal for refuse vehicles and highway maintenance equipment. The company says the lamp flashes in an alternating “X” pattern. The system can be wired so the lamps operate as turn signal lamps when the turn signal is activated, then return to strobe function when the turn signal is canceled.

The new product uses sealed UBS wiring and Grote's SuperNova LED lamps to maximize protection from moisture and corrosion, the manufacture reports. The kit contains all necessary equipment for installation. It's available as a four-lamp system with two oval and two round lamps, or a six-lamp system, with two oval and four round lamps.

Peterson Manufacturing's line of auxiliary LED strobing lights feature the company's latest-generation Piranha LEDs and meet SAE J1318 and J845 specs. They are designed for applications across a range of emergency and service vehicles and construction equipment. The company says a key advantage over conventional gaseous-discharge strobe devices is that the LED ones require no remote power supply.

Piranha brand LED strobing lights are available in amber and red, and in oval and round configurations. Mounting flexibility allows for installation in horizontal, vertical or in any 360-degree position.

Vehicle Safety Mfg. also offers a line of LED emergency lighting products for the truck industry, including its 360 Series high- and low-profile strobe warning lamps with quad-flash tubes, available in either amber or clear. The company also offers an economy rotating beacon, a halogen rotating mini-bar, and rotating light.

Superior Signals recently introduced remote strobe heads in its Meteorlite line. The strobe heads are available in four colors — clear, amber, red and blue — and two styles: a flange style that is mounted with screws and a pop-in style that is a grommet-mount. Applications include headlights, tail lights and turn signals. Strobe heads are 1-in.-diameter x 1.62-in. high.