Here’s a look at what is happening around the world of trucking today:

  • A truck driver in Napa County in California trusted his GPS a little too much, says the Press Democrat. The hairpin turn he encountered was a little too sharp the resulting 5-hour blockage of the road didn’t sit well with locals.
  • GM’s re-introduced Colorado and Canyon midsize pickups are quickly gaining converts. Gas2 reports dealers are ordering as many as five times the vehicles the automaker expected.
  • A big rig is taking center stage in a Michigan campaign spat. Democrats have filed a complaint over a Republican candidate’s use of a truck for advertising. The Washington Examiner reports.
  • Over objections from city residents, the Enoch (Utah) City Council has passed an ordinance allowing tractor-trailers to park on city streets, the Spectrum says.
  • A bus in Phoenix was swallowed up by a sinkhole. A crane was needed to pull the bus out, says The Garden Island.
  • Truck drivers along I-94 in Michigan are now finding it easier to find rest as new roadside signs indicate available truck parking along the route, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports.
  • Local residents are furious with the large trucks hauling debris from a construction site in West Palm Beach, FL, because they are “barreling down” the road, says one resident. The Palm Beach Post reports.