The average U.S. retail pump price for diesel fell 2.2 cents in the Nov. 21 report by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), to $2.421 per gallon. That’s 2.4 cents cheaper than this time last year.

Every region saw a price decline, paced by the Rocky Mountains, where a gallon was 3.7 cents cheaper ($2.455), and California, down 3.3 cents ($2.804).

Prices fell three cents or so in the Midwest, coming in at $2.356. Prices on the East Coast fell a little over a cent, with New England coming in at $2.471, $2.549 in the Central Atlantic, and $2.355 in the Lower Atlantic.

On the West Coast, less California, diesel posted 2-cent drop to $2.637 from last week’s $2.657. Though California’s price fell 3.3 cents this week, it remains the highest price in the lower 48 states.

Diesel was down 2 cents on the Gulf Coast to $2.296 from $2.316, still the lowest price for a gallon of diesel in the country.

The national average price for gasoline fell 2.9 cents for the week to $2.155.