Allison Transmission has announced that independent third-party testing conducted by the Transportation Research Center (TRC) has showed that Allison’s automatic transmissions are more fuel efficient than a comparable automated manual.

According to the company, the Allison 2200 HS produced significantly lower engine RPM than the automated manual-equipped truck at many cruise speeds under 40 MPH while using less fuel. In higher cruise speed ranges, the two transmissions produced comparable engine RPMs and fuel usage, Allison said.

“Any interruption in engine power during a shift creates powertrain inefficiencies, loss of vehicle energy, lower average speeds and, ultimately, less work is accomplished with the fuel consumed,” according to Steve Spurlin, executive director, 3000/4000 series transmissions and application engineering, Allison Transmission. “With full-power shifts, fleet managers will recognize higher average speeds vs. manual or automated manual transmissions. Higher average speeds over a day mean the Allison Automatic accomplishes more work for the fuel utilized. So it is more fuel efficient."

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