Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS) has released its fourth fuel economy guide for large trucks, “Tires & Truck Fuel Economy – a New Perspective,” giving fleets recommendations taking into consideration the real-world factors that affect fuel economy, the company said.

“Our customers have told us that trucking is a business of pennies. And the same is true for fuel economy,” said Singh Ahluwalia, president, sales & marketing, BBTS. “There’s no one single thing you can do to be a financial success in the trucking business, and there’s no one single thing you can do to maximize your fuel economy.”

The 37-page guide lists the factors in tires, drivers, vehicles, documentation, environment and operations that can affect fuel economy, noting how differences between tests and real world operations can skew expectations and stressing the importance of sound fuel efficiency techniques.

“No fuel-efficient component is worth using unless it saves more money than it costs—over its useful life,” the guide said. “It’s important to weigh the total cost against the total savings. Otherwise, you could lose money trying to save fuel.”

Copies are available through Bridgestone Bandag sales representatives, or by calling 888-694-0469, or clicking the “Catalogs and Reference” link at

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