SAE Procedure J1321 testing showed more than a 2% improvement in fuel economy when a Cermet nanoparticle Ceramic Metal Conditioner was applied to the engine of an International 9400I Class 8 tractor-trailer, Cermet announced.

According to the company, the test, which was performed by Claude Travis and Associates, tested two 9400I trucks with similar mileage and settings. The test concluded that the truck with Cermet’s conditioner had an increase of 2.22% in fuel savings and a 2.26% improvement in fuel economy when run at 60 mph.

“The installation of Cermet Labs Ceramic Metal Conditioner in the engine oil sump of the test vehicle demonstrated a significant and repeatable improvement in fuel economy,” Claude Travis and Associates said. “It is notable that the test vehicles gross vehicle weight of over 71,000 lbs. and engine load factor-to-idle-time of 97.7% are both higher than the national truck fleet averages.”

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