Described as an environmentally friendly fuel additive designed to break down hydrocarbon molecule chains, Mach3 SEFS-HD allows gas and diesel fuels to burn more completely, producing more efficient combustion-- resulting in increased mileage and a reduction in harmful emissions, according to Ecomotive Products Inc.

According to Ecomotive, testing of Mach 3 SEFS-HD performed in accordance with the SAE J1321 Type II fuel-efficiency test procedure at an independent EPA-recognized lab showed a 13% increase in fuel economy in gasoline-fueled vehicles and a 16% increase in fuel economy for diesel-fueled vehicles.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD, said Ecomotive, reformulates hydrocarbon fuel on a molecular level, breaking down the clusters of long hydrocarbon chains present in all common fossil fuels into shorter, more easily burned components. Unlike many other products on the market, it does not rely on oxygenates as a combustion enhancer, according to Ecomotive, which pointed out that “oxygenates can help to promote more thorough combustion, but they do so at the expense of increased exhaust gas temperatures, and reduced energy density.”

The company stated that increased exhaust gas temperatures “can lead to long-term engine problems as well as increased NOx emissions. The reduced energy density of oxygenated fuels means that more has to be burned to do the same amount of work.”