Valvoline has unveiled two new 15W-40 oils that are made from 50% recycled oil.

The NextGen Premium Blue SAE 15W-40 and NextGen All Fleet Plus SAE 15W-40 oils will be available in bulk and drum sizes as early as November, the company said.

The NextGen motor oils exceed industry specifications, Valvoline said, using an advancement in the oil re-refining process that allows for the use of used oil. According to the company, used oil contains fewer contaminants and more usable molecules than crude oil, resulting in a higher-quality base oil.

“The extreme conditions and on-the-go demands of heavy-duty equipment require a motor oil that can withstand that intensity and perform again and again,” said Peter Thomson, Valvoline director of commercial & industrial marketing. “Valvoline NextGen lubricants deliver that performance with the same quality and dependability of our conventional motor oils, or we wouldn’t put our name on the package.”