ARI, a global provider of fleet services specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has launched a new website to assist fleets with environmental management.

The Sustainable Fleet Management microsite is designed offer resources and information on environmental management issues related to alternative fuels, emissions, fuel use, and new green technologies, ARI said.

The new website provides information on how fleets can improve sustainability practices and is a firm example of ARI’s commitment to increasing fleet sustainability around the globe.

“Today, improving efficiencies isn’t an optional decision; it’s become a necessity to stay competitive,” said Elisa Durand, manager, strategic consulting – analysis & sustainability. “Fleets of all sizes and compositions can reap considerable benefits by making more environmentally conscious decisions. The purpose of this website is to alert fleet managers of those focus areas and corresponding value.”

Case studies on fleets that have succeeded with environmentally friendly strategies will also be featured. Visitors can also ask questions of ARI’s fleet sustainability experts who can help them develop concepts that may work for their own organizations.