GRAPEVINE, TX. Determined to increase sales of its TrailerTail trailer rear-drag aerodynamic device, ATDynamics announced a multi-prong sales strategy here at the American Trucking Assn.’s Management Conference & Exhibition.

Dubbed the “Campaign for the Next 50,000 Tails,” the new program will include:

  • Increased options for factory installed TrailerTails at OEM facilities
  • Expanded 2012 swing door TrailerTail product line that provides solutions for all low and high mileage dry van and reefer trailers, including drop deck and rolling tarp trailers
  • Commercial launch of the TrailerTail roll door product line in 2012
  • Expansion of the company’s Fleet Trial program to allow trucking companies to pilot up to 200 TrailerTail units risk-free

“ATDynamics TrailerTail has redefined the shape of the modern semi-trailer,” said Andrew Smith, founder & CEO of ATDynamics. “With more than 5,000 TrailerTails sold, we will work with the most profitable fleets in the industry to deploy over 50,000 tails on America’s highways by 2014. TrailerTails have become a literal and highly visible sign of which fleets are operating with the greatest fuel efficiency.”

According to Smith, the economic impact of 50,000 additional trailers with tails will be more than $80 million in annual fuel savings— and the economic impact of the entire long-haul trucking industry pulling trailers with skirts and tails will be more than $4 billion annually in fuel savings.

“The side skirt successfully established in the minds of fleet owners and executives the legitimacy of trailer aerodynamics as a major opportunity to save fuel,” said Kyle Houston, vp of sales. “Skirts save fuel, and tails double those savings. Ordering fuel-efficient trailers for 2012 means ordering trailers with skirts and tails. Non-aerodynamic trailers will burn 14 gallons more fuel per 1,000 miles at highway speeds than those with tails and skirts.”

Made in America, the tails are EPA SmartWay-verified and Dept. of Transportation approved, noted the company. The TrailerTail product line is compatible with all major refrigerated, dry van, drop deck and rolling tarp trailer configurations and is available factory-installed and aftermarket-retrofitted.