The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has updated the listing of state and local idling regulations found on its website. The updated listing is provided in two forms, a cab card, which can be downloaded and carried in the glove box of a truck, and the online compendium, which provides links to individual regulations.

ATRI monitors the development of idling regulations across the country and maintains the compendium and cab card as a free service to help trucking companies and truck drivers comply with the increasing number of state and local idling regulations.

Additions to the listing include:

• Texas has adopted a new idling exemption which allows trucks to idle if they are equipped with 2008 or newer engines that are certified to an idling emissions limit of 30 gram NOx per hour. This exemption takes effect immediately.

• A new 5-minute limit has been enacted in Oregon which takes effect on January 1, 2012. Exemptions are provided which allow idling beyond this limit for air conditioning or heating during a rest or sleep period when the outside temperature is less than 50 deg. or greater than 75 deg. Violations of this limit can result in fines up to $180.