Azure Dynamics Corp., provider of hybrid electric powertrain solutions in the medium-duty commercial hybrid truck market, announced that it has delivered its 1,000th Balance Hybrid Electric Truck to Purolator, Azure’s largest customer. Purolator currently operates 555 units, making it the world’s largest fleet of Balance Hybrid Electric vehicles, according to an Azure announcement.

The Azure Balance Hybrid Electric vehicles ordered by Purolator are integrated on a Ford E450 chassis with a Ford 5.4L gasoline engine. The hybrid electric drive train which features unique attributes such as engine-off at idle and below 20 miles per hour, while electronically supporting key ancillary functions like power steering and braking, is suited for commercial activity in urban environments.

Purolator operates a fleet of 3,500 vehicles and is the recent recipient of the Logistics Quarterly Third-Party Logistics Sustainability Award. In 2005, Purolator was the first express transportation company in Canada to introduce hybrid electric vehicles.

“This is a significant milestone in Azure’s history and is fitting that Purolator be the recipient of this 1,000th vehicle,” said Scott Harrison, CEO of Azure. “Purolator continues to be our largest volume customer and consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment by adding cleaner, greener Balance Hybrid Electric vehicles to its fleet.”

“Purolator is proud to receive Azure Dynamics’ 1000th Balance Hybrid Electric Truck — a noteworthy achievement we gladly celebrate with the Azure team as we add to North America’s largest hybrid-electric pick-up and delivery fleet,” said Tom Schmitt, Purolator’s president & CEO. “As we receive our 555th Balance Hybrid Electric Truck, I am proud to point out that working alongside Azure Dynamics has helped Purolator to consistently deliver industry leading on-time service and reliability to our customers in a sustainable manner.”