LOUISVILLE, Ky. Carrier Transicold said its new hybrid Vector 6600MT provides the highest refrigeration capacity of any multi-temperature reefer unit on the market - and delivers up to 20% greater fuel-efficiency than its predecessor.

Introduced at a news conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show here, Carrier displayed the new Vector alongside its single-temperature sibling, the Vector 6500 unit, which was introduced last year.

According to Carrier, both Vector units “take advantage of Carrier’s exclusive Deltek diesel-electric technology, which features high operating efficiencies, significantly reduced maintenance requirements vs. conventional belt-drive systems, and an electric standby option for stationary units.”

Carrier also said technological enhancements to system components and operating software as well as a more efficient system design enable higher performance and greater efficiencies than were possible with its first-generation hybrid systems.

“These two next-generation units are a dynamic duo, improving on Carrier’s proprietary Deltek technology with enhancements that result in a no-compromise hybrid solution for virtually any trailer application,” said David Kiefer, director of marketing & product management. “Whether the need is for single-temperature long hauls or multi-temperature distribution for the grocery and food service industries, Carrier hybrid technology now offers capacities that are comparable to, or exceed, our industry-leading conventional refrigeration units.”

At 100 deg. F ambient and a set point of 35 deg. F, the Vector units deliver 59,000 Btu/hour of cooling capacity. For the Vector 6600MT, Kiefer noted, that’s 15% more capacity than the nearest multi-temperature competitor and 9% better than Carrier’s original multi-temperature hybrid and conventional multi-temperature unit under the same conditions. And at a set point of -20 deg. F, capacity is as much as 15% better than the conventional unit.

Kiefer said customers committed to green strategies to cut fuel consumption and emissions are embracing the Vector’s hybrid technology and especially taking advantage of the electric standby capability.

He said that thanks to the refrigeration system’s all-electric architecture, Vector units deliver approximately the same performance on electric standby as they do under diesel power. According to Kiefer, due to the less efficient “add-on nature” of standby components in a conventional unit, Vector units can deliver up to 85% more cooling capacity in standby mode than a conventional unit in the example above.

“By taking advantage of AC power, fuel is conserved, emissions are eliminated, noise is reduced and operating savings of 40 to 70% can be realized,” Kiefer added.

For more information on the Vector 6600MT multi-temp reefer unit, go to www.trucktrailer.carrier.com.