Alliance AutoGas and conversion equipment provider and co-founding partner American Alternative Fuel have been given the go-ahead by the Environmental Protection Agency to convert more than 200 vehicle types to run on propane autogas.

Alliance will utilize the Prins System to convert vehicles. Among the new certifications are the Ford Crown Victoria and E-Series vans, and additional certifications for several medium-duty GM platforms, the company said.

“Alliance AutoGas is dedicated to serving America’s fleets by continually expanding our EPA-certified vehicle options,” said Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas and founder of Autogas for America. “Our partners have worked hard to achieve such an extensive portfolio and we’re proud to have reached this milestone, without government or industry underwriting.”

According to Alliance, many fleets using its system report reduced maintenance needs and increased engine life.

Alliance AutoGas provides both bi-fuel and propane-dedicated conversions using Prins vapor and liquid injection technology. The bi-fuel Prins VSI system automatically switches vehicles back to gasoline if the autogas tank runs low.

“We are extremely excited about this achievement in our already diverse portfolio of EPA-certified vehicle models,” said Matt Sgambettera, president of American Alternative Fuel, which is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Prins System. “Now more than ever, we are able to effectively serve public and private fleets interested in converting their gasoline-powered vehicles to run on environmentally friendly, affordable autogas.”

A fuel-savings calculator is available on the Alliance website as is a complete list of Alliance AutoGas EPA-certified vehicles.