FedEx Corp. has announced it will put four all-electric delivery vehicles into service this June in Los Angeles. The trucks join more than 1,800 alternative-energy vehicles in operation worldwide, the company said.

“FedEx has a history of changing what’s possible, both in the innovative services we offer customers and in the way we offer those services,” said John Formisano, vp-Global Vehicles, FedEx Express. “In 2004, we were the first global company to invest in hybrid-electric commercial trucks, and now we’re introducing the even cleaner all-electric parcel delivery truck. We’re making these investments, and invite others to join us, so that together we can speed the transition to a cleaner transportation system.”

Two of the trucks will be from the Navistar-Modec alliance and based on the Modec design already being used by FedEx in Europe. FedEx operates ten Modec vehicles in London and has five more on order for Paris. The trucks will be assembled in Indiana.

The other two trucks will be purchased from a different manufacturer as FedEx said it wants to compare technologies and duty cycles. Both vehicles will have an operating range large enough to allow for a full eight-hour shift of deliveries.

“Electric trucks are still in their infancy, but we think they have a bright future in the mix of alternative energy vehicles,” said Mitch Jackson, vp-environmental affairs and sustainability. “Reliability and maintainability is critical for FedEx because of our commitment to superior customer service, so we’ll be giving these trucks a real workout, helping the manufacturers refine their future offerings.”

Jackson said FedEx sees the future of electric trucks including the ability for the company to recharged the vehicles onsite with low- or zero-emission electricity generated onsite by innovations such as solar electric arrays.