Cox Transportation Services, a Virginia-based truckload carrier, has upgraded its trailer fleet with Solus split skirt technology.

“Being an industry leader has been central to Cox’s business strategy since its inception over 30 years ago,” said Jay Smith, president of Cox Transportation Services. “The decision to retrofit our fleet with Solus aerodynamic skirts was driven by our desire to be fuel efficient and increase profitability.”

The Solus split skirt can provide a 5% fuel economy improvement, the company said. It includes a two-piece design with 8 in. of static ground clearance and the rugged flex skirt panels offer 20 in. of total ground clearance. The panels weigh less than 200 lbs.

“This investment gives Cox a significant competitive advantage, making it one of the most fuel efficient and technologically advanced fleets on the East Coast. As the trucking industry continues to evolve and opportunities arise, it is the hard working and forward thinking companies like Cox that will be positioned to thrive,” said Richard Wood, president of Solus.

Cox is also evaluating Solus’ wheel cavity cover, which can add an additional 1.3% fuel economy improvement, Solus said.