TAMPA. Laydon Composites introduced a new lower-cost trailer side skirt here at the 2011 Technology and Maintenance Council’s annual meeting. The maker said the product is designed to be easily fitted to a trailer in about an hour.

Laydon said the Hybrid TrailerSkirt resulted from a partnership with Crane Composites. Crane designed the panels and Laydon provided what it called the unique injection molded and patent–pending “mono clamp” and strut to attach the panels to the trailer

This design means a two-person team can mount the fairings in an hour, said Andy Acott, Lydon’s sales manager.

The patent-pending flexible spring struts for the side skirts are made from woven fiberglass polypropylene. Because the fiberglass strands are orientated at Zero, 90 & 45 degrees, it allows the skirts to withstand a higher level of stress, he noted.

“We’ve been listening to our customers to implement what they want,” Acott added. “These skirts are inexpensive, easy and fast to install, plus are lightweight yet flexible enough to withstand everyday abuse. Most importantly, they are fuel-efficient.”