Multi Service Corp. has announced that fleets with vehicles using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to comply with 2010 EPA diesel emissions regulations will be able to use its MS Fuel Card to purchase diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

The company pointed out that as the 2010 deadline approaches, it appears that “SCR-equipped vehicles will be the next step in engine compliance” and that DEF will become an over-the-road consumable agent in the emission reduction process—meaning drivers will be required to refill specially designed tanks with DEF (also known as urea) on a regular basis.

“Truckstops and truckstop chains will decide on their own whether to implement at-the-pump technology or to continue selling urea off-the-shelf,” said Jake Sitler, general manager of the MS Fuel Card Program. “However, we are working directly with the stops in our network to ensure that drivers are able to purchase urea when they need it.”

The MS Fuel card Program also provides reporting capabilities that will allow managers to track when and where drivers purchase DEF to ensure that their fleets maintain compliance and efficiency, noted Multi Service Corp.