Los Alamos County in New Mexico has taken delivery of the first hydraulic hybrid refuse truck in the state’s history.

The truck, a Peterbilt Model 320, is equipped with Eaton Corp.’s hydraulic launch assist system (HLA) and a Wayne Curbtender residential automated side loader. It will be used in daily residential refuse pick up in Los Alamos.

According to Peterbilt and Eaton, the truck can save more than 1,000 gals. of fuel per year, reduce emissions by up to 20% and extend brake life by up to 300%.

“We are pleased to be the first community to operate a hybrid refuse truck in New Mexico,” County Council Chairman Mike Wismer said. “With this new technology, we will not only improve the efficiency of our residential refuse collection, but also help reduce emissions to protect the environment for our residents.”

The HLA system captures the truck’s kinetic energy during braking and reuses that energy to launch and accelerate the vehicle. As much as 75% of the energy normally lost as heat during braking is recovered.