INDIANAPOLIS. BAE Systems has announced the latest addition to its HybriDrive green propulsion system currently used in over 3,000 transit buses around the world. The new addition, a parallel system, has been adapted for use in Class 6-8 vocational trucks.

The announcement was made at the National Truck Equipment Assn.’s (NTEA) Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week.

The HybriDrive series propulsion system is designed for duty cycles which require low average speeds and frequent stop-and-go operation. The new parallel system is designed for higher operating speeds and less frequent stops, making it ideal for vocational applications.

“Vocational truck fleets that transition to our heavy-duty HybriDrive system will experience fuel savings not before seen in these truck classes,” said Steve Trichka, vice president of power and energy management for BAE Systems. “Our HybriDrive parallel system is the optimal hybrid electric solution for vehicles that operate in diverse duty cycles beyond standard urban operational modes.”

The parallel system utilizes a single electric machine integrated between the engine and the transmission, BAE said. It enhances propulsion through an “optimized blending of internal combustion engine power and electric power.”

Torque ratings range from 300 lbs.-ft. to 400 lbs.-ft. With 95 to 145 hp. The system is designed to support large bore heavy duty power plants ranging from 350 to 600 hp., with associated torque ratings of 750 lbs.-ft. to 2,150 lbs.-ft., said BAE.

Road trials are set for this spring with expected deployment worldwide in 2012.

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