Truckers can now buy diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) right at the fuel island at the Brooks, OR, Pilot Travel Center for $2.79 a gallon. The company said it was the first truckstop chain to commit to offering DEF at its fuel islands and that it will install 100 DEF pumps throughout the county by the end of the second quarter next year.

DEF will be required for trucks using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet new Federal diesel emissions requirements taking effect on Jan. 1. It’s estimated that an over-the-road tractor will be able to travel about 7,000 mi. on one 23-gal. tankfull of the new emissions fluid.

Although most DEF will initially be sold at commercial locations in pre-packaged jugs, bulk dispensers are expected to become more widely used as DEF volumes increase. Dispensing DEF at truck stop fuel islands will make refilling fluid tanks more convenient for drivers, allowing them to pump DEF while filling up with diesel fuel and to pay for DEF using the same fuel cards or charge processes, according to Pilot.