Frito-Lay will receive a Ford E-350 cutaway chassis from Roush CleanTech that runs on liquid propane autogas. Frito-Lay is the first customer to receive a vehicle with Roush CleenTech’s fuel system conversion technology.

The engine for the dual rear-wheel E-350 conversion is based on a Ford 5.4-liter, 2-valve, V-8 engine.

“Based on the proposed project, this appears to be a viable solution to improve our cost per mile, as well as reduce our environmental footprint,” said Joe Gold, fleet asset & engineering manager at Frito-Lay North America.

“If technically successful, and if the conversion economics continue to be favorable, there is potential within the Frito-Lay fleet to convert up to 2,000 gasoline-powered vehicles to propane autogas across the U.S. within the next several years,” he added.

The vehicle is estimated to cut NOx 50% and particulate matter 25% vs.a typical gasoline vehicle. Roush CleanTech estimates that each liquid propane autogas vehicle will save 1,667 gals. of gasoline each year based on driving 20,000 mi. at 10.5 mpg.

“We are extremely pleased that Frito-Lay has seen the potential of the Roush CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel systems. Our engineering team is already hard at work developing this E-350 cutaway,” said Joe Thompson, president of Roush CleanTech.