A new fuel-saving engine oil formula and a nitrogen-enriched diesel blend are being tested by Shell, which said both products arecaimed at global light- and heavy-vehicle markets, respectively.

The new engine oil formula results from collaboration between research teams at Shell and Gordon Murray Design (GMD) and is capable of achieving a 6.5% improvement in fuel efficiency, said Selda Gunsel, vp-lubricants & B2B products technology at Shell Lubricants.

Gunsel added that this engine oil formula goes beyond current industry specifications to formulate an ultra low viscosity 0W-10 motor oil.

“Blending low viscosity oil to improve fuel efficiency is actually relatively simple; the challenge comes when you look to balance it with engine protection and acceptable oil drain intervals,” Gunsel said. “Although in the concept stage, what we have learnt feeds in to the products we are developing for use in the near future.”

For heavy vehicles, Shell Oil Products is testing a new nitrogen-enriched ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel blend that will be available on a trial basis starting January 31st. It will be offered both to commercial and retail customers at select points of sale in the Nashville, TN, Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA areas.

The nitrogen boost to the fuel is designed to reduce build-up on fuel injectors, thus ensuring optimal fuel flow, reduced fuel consumption and thus lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to Shell.

Tests so far indicate a 4.8% reduction in fuel consumption in more severe stop-and-go city service and a 1.3% reduction in fuel consumption in less severe long-haul highway service, as compared to regular ULSD, said Jim Macias, a senior fuels technology manager for Shell.