Aerofficient has released new fixed side fairings made from automotive-grade TPO material and weighing just over 100 lbs.

The hinged three-panel construction, which consists of a top, middle and bottom panel, was quality tested to validate the design, the company said. The panels have a 10-year expected life span.

The hinged design allows the fairing to clear 24-in. high obstacles without damage. The bottom panel swings 180 deg. and can bend 90 deg. in either direction.

A panel takes just one hour for installation by two technicians and does not require any special tools.

“We started our business by asking operators what they wanted in a side fairing product. We got three very clear answers: durability, light weight and durability,” said Jim Reiman, CEO. “Industry executives want to save money, not spend money fixing broken fairings. We heard our customers’ message, and believe we’ve delivered a product that exceeds their expectations.”

Aerofficient also offers an optional landing gear wrap to shield refrigeration fuel tanks.

Also in development are slider fairings, which expand and contract when the bogies are moved; a front gap fairing; and rear fairing.