Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company has announced that Spirit Truck Lines isthe first fleet to install the manufacturer’s new side skirts on their 2011 trailers. “We are extremely pleased with the level of quality and efficiency that Utility has demonstrated and as a result, we have equipped our fleet with 100% of their dry vans and reefers” said Raul Garza, Spirit president. “Additionally, we are proud to be the first to equip our trailers with the new Utility side skirts.”

San Juan, TX-based Spirit, owned and operated by the Garza family, now has over 800 Utility trailers in its fleet. Utility noted that Spirit’s continuing efforts to reduce emissions has earned them the highest EPA SmartWay score truck carriers can receive. “Besides using wide-base single tires and wide-track suspension systems, we have added Utility’s new side skirt to the already light weight 4000D-X Composite,” said Garza. “This will allow Spirit to improve the efficiency of our fleet as well as help the environment.”

Spirit placed orders for the Utility Side Skirt 160 (USS-160) to be installed on 300 new 4000D-X Compositedry vans. According to Utility, the USS-160 skirt is SmartWay- verified to achieve greater than 5% fuel savings (actual fuel economy gains may vary) and can be used without any other aerodynamic device on dry vans. “We were happy to hear that Utility has stepped up to design a side skirt that upholds the same quality, strength and durability that their trailers have for so many years,” noted Garza.

The USS-160 is available as a factory installed option for new Utility trailers. Retrofitting for existing trailers is available through Utility’s Aftermarket Dept. A dealer directory is available online.