BAF has received an order to convert 501 Ford E-250 vans to compressed natural gas (CNG) power for Verizon. The vans, all new and set for deployment later this year, will be powered by BAF’s CalComp System. BAF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

“Verizon’s deployment of natural gas-fueled vehicles sets a powerful example for fleet operators across America to emulate,” said John Bacon, president of BAF. “Use of natural gas fuel for fleets is a trend that is rapidly gaining momentum in many U.S. industry sectors. Because it is abundant and renewable, cleaner and cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel, natural gas can carry us forward to a sustainable future.”

The vehicles are expected to produce 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than similarly equipped gasoline-powered light- and medium-duty vehicles.

The conversions will take place at the Steelweld Equipment Co. in Hemet, CA, and Temple, TX, and at North American Equipment Upfitters in Hooksett, NH. Both businesses are women-owned suppliers and were chosen as part of Verizon’s Supplier Diversity program.