Customers can calculate their environmental footprint with a new upgraded calculator from Volvo Trucks.

The calculator is a more user-friendly version of the web application Volvo first unveiled in 2001, the company said. The new calculator allows users to compare a truck’s specific environmental impact with Volvo’s recently launched models, including the FH16 750 hp., the Volvo FM Methane Diesel, and the Volvo FE hybrid.

The calculator also makes it possible to evaluate the environmental benefits of using alternative fuels instead of fossil fuels. Entire fleets can be compared as well.

“The transport industry is under increasing pressure to work actively to reduce emissions and lower energy consumption,” said Lars Mårtensson, director environmental affairs at Volvo Trucks. “To generate added interest and help even more actors in the transport industry meet environmental targets and customer demands, we have made the environmental footprint calculator even more user-friendly for our customers.”

According to Volvo, the calculator “is the result of highly detailed data compilation regarding truck emissions throughout their lifecycle - from production to scrapping.” Data parameters include the calculation of environmental impact from materials, fuels, exhaust emissions and maintenance.

The tool also allows customers to identify their current eco-footprint and provides tips for cutting their climate impact.