Drivers and managers can find educational information on alternative-fuel vehicles and environmental performance of vehicles at a new interactive eco website launched by GE Capital Fleet Services.

The site is dedicated to alternative vehicles and services and offers information, tools, and educational materials. It has dedicated sections for business solutions and driver solutions.

“The launch of the new eco website builds on our commitment to the electric vehicle industry by providing our customers with tools to enhance their fleets and convey the benefits of leasing and operating alternative fuel vehicles,” said Deb Frodl, chief strategy officer for GE Capital Fleet Services. “We are committed to transforming the fleet services industry and helping our customers understand the impact that alternative fuel vehicles have on their business, the industry and the environment.”

Visitors to the business solutions section will find strategies, solutions, and tools that include a fleet manager guide, eco monitor, and electric vehicle summary. The fleet manager guide offers steps on developing a plan to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The eco monitor offers quarterly updates on environmental topics and trends.

Tips, tools, and strategies to improve driving habits and environmental efficiency are available on the driver solutions section. There is a driver eco guide to increase awareness of rapid acceleration and excessive idling, a safety guide which includes alternative vehicle maintenance tips, and a calculator that compares a driver’s current vehicle with a more fuel efficient model. The calculator will show the change in fuel costs and CO2 emissions when using an alternative fuel vehicle.

Also on the site is a news center that includes the latest developments in alternative vehicle technology.