The California-based group Clean Transportation Technologies and Solutions or (CalStart) is offering a one-day workshop on November 18 year to review the potential for using biomethane as a transportation fuel.

In partnership with the Southern California Gas Company, CalStart said biomethane is perhaps one of the lowest carbon fuel options available to fleet operators today and hopes its workshop – to be held outside Los Angeles – will “jump start” a conversation focused on how to make biomethane a viable transportation fuel in the shortest amount of time possible.

“We’re making some assumptions, beginning with the mass use of biomethane in vehicles as a potential reality,” the group said. “This action plan-based workshop evaluates the potential for transportation market segments and their fleets, and the subsequent value to existing and potential biomethane producers and distributors.”

CalStart added that it hopes the Workshop engages national experts, fleets, policymakers, and producers to develop strategies for building a biomethane market for transportation in the U.S.