Peterbilt Motors Co. has announced adding its Class 7 Model 335 hybrid tractor to its line of hybrid vehicles eligible for a federal tax credit. The credit of up to $9,000 can be applied to the Model 335 hybrid tractor based on its verified fuel savings gains of up to 40%, said the OEM.

According to Peterbilt, the truck achieves its fuel economy through Eaton’s Hybrid Electric Power System that deploys an electric motor to provide the Paccar PX-6 diesel engine with supplemental torque. The system stores energy during stopping via regenerative braking, and then reuses it for acceleration. Fuel use, emissions and noise are greatly reduced, noted the OEM.

“Peterbilt’s complete lineup of hybrid electric vehicles is now certified to receive substantial credits from the federal government,” said Bill Jackson, Peterbilt gm & Paccar vp. “Our medium-duty offerings, now including the Model 335 hybrid electric tractor, are eligible for tax credits and provide substantial fuel savings while covering the full range of applications including beverage, pickup & delivery, regional haul, utility and municipal applications.”

Information on Peterbilt’s full range of production hybrid and aerodynamic vehicles eligible for federal tax credits are listed at These incentives total more than $45,000 and are available across five hybrid models for 2010, representing more available incentive federal tax credits than any other OEM, said Peterbilt.