Peterbilt Motors Co. has debuted a Model 335 hybrid electric tractor that combines Eaton’s Hybrid Electric power system with a Paccar PX-6 engine. Designed for applications such as beverage hauling and regional delivery, the system stores energy during stopping through a process known as regenerative braking, reusing it during acceleration. According to the company, the process can save up to 25% in fuel economy in local haul applications.

The Model 335 also features a 7-inch in-dash Paccar Hybrid system monitor that displays fuel economy and battery charge information, as well as full diagnostic capabilities, Peterbilt said.

“Peterbilt’s new class 7 Model 335 hybrid electric tractor provides local haul applications the benefits of a hybrid system combined with traditional Peterbilt quality, durability, performance and styling,” said Bill Jackson, Peterbilt gm & Paccar vp. “Peterbilt’s expanding hybrid portfolio is evidence to our commitment to integrating hybrid solutions into fuel-efficient vehicle designs.”

Other Peterbilt hybrids include the Model 330 Hybrid Electric for short haul P&D applications; the Model 320 Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) for vocational and stop-and-go applications; and the Model 386 Hybrid Electric vehicle for long-haul applications. The Model 330 is currently available, while the Model 320 and 386 vehicles are still in development.