GE Asset Intelligence has announced that its VeriWise Trailer Tracking and Refrigerated Trailer Monitoring systems have been approved as Ecomagination products after completing independent testing as part of the GE Ecomagination Product Review.

VeriWise provides location and status tracking information and exception management reporting to help reduce wasted miles and refrigerated trailer fuel consumption.

“The operational benefits of our VeriWise product are well established - trucking companies can carry the same volume of freight with fewer trailers,” says Darryl Miller, COO of GE Asset Intelligence. “But as the trucking industry comes under more and more pressure to reduce emissions, this approval serves as a reminder that fuel savings derived from VeriWise produce more than expense reductions – they help our environment and improve the industry’s image.”

The GE Ecomagination portfolio is for products that improve operating performance or value proposition as well as environmental performance, said the company. The testing is conducted by a third party and measures products relative to an “appropriate standard.”