ORLANDO, FL – Technicians have long complained about being forced to use multiple scan tools and PCs to perform diagnostics on commercial trucks. Nexiq Technologies, a division of Snap-on Inc., announced here Saturday ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting that it will bring an “all-in-one” PC/scan tool device to the market to try and eliminate that issue.

Nexiq’s new Pro-Link iQ device, developed in partnership with Menlo Innovations, is a 2.5-lb. heavy-duty PC and scan tool in one, with an 8.5-inch touch screen tablet that contains 40 gigabytes of internal data storage – equal to an iPod. It is designed to diagnose engines, transmissions and brake systems while creating reports, performing special tests, and downloading vehicle trip information.

Tom Kotenko, director of Nexiq, said the device will retail for about $2,550, with OEM-specific diagnostic software applications requiring a $500 to $900 one-time fee to upload into the device.

“You can drop this device from six feet up with no ill effect – that’s how rugged it is,” said Kotenko. “It is also capable of maintaining applications for older trucks, while it’s set up for 2010 protocols. You can also use this device to service a mixed fleet of vehicles – from Class 8 tractors down to light trucks.”

Nexiq is working steadily to get all OEMs to provide their diagnostic applications for use on the Pro-Link, though not all the major truck manufacturers have done so to date, Kotenko noted. “We worked with heavy-duty technicians directly to get their input for designing the ideal diagnostic device for their needs,” he added. “The Pro-Link really brings ease of use to the diagnostic function, giving them a single technological interface that’s intuitive to operate.”