Magtec Products (USA), Inc. has reported that company representatives met with senior executives of the American Trucking Assns. (ATA) last week, including ATA president & CEO Gov. Bill Graves, to present its technology solutions for addressing security, safety and fuel cost challenges in the transportation industry.

“We know the ATA works hard to protect the interests of the trucking industry, and in the current light of the fuel crisis, we wanted to ensure they were aware of our new Speed & Idle Management (SIM) technology, along with other important solutions we bring to industry challenges,” said Robert Morisset, Magtec president & CEO.

“We look forward to building our relationship with Magtec,” said ATA’sl Graves. “As fuel prices continue to cut into motor carrier profits, the trucking industry has a vested interest in exploring all solutions to address the fuel crises. A number of us experienced first-hand the technology they are bringing to the market, and it was enlightening to see they have one solution to address the fuel situation we are currently facing.”

Magtec’s FleetControl and M5K products focus on driver and truck control, asset tracking and security, prevention of cargo theft, and safety and risk management, said the company. Their new SIM feature is designed to enable a carrier to remotely set and control speed thresholds and idle time for savings in fuel and operational costs, noted Magtec.

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