Networkcar has begun implementing Activity Alerts, which allow fleets to be notified by email or SMS if specific vehicle events occur, such as excessive speed or extended idle time. The alert system is a new capability of the Networkfleet wireless fleet management system.

According to the company, fleet managers will have the ability to create, modify and remove alerts; associate alerts with either groups of vehicles or individual vehicles; select one or more recipients for each alert, and access a sort-able report for all triggered alerts.

Activity Alerts also allow fleet managers to create “escalation paths” of notifications, notifying different people by different means as a vehicle exceeds accepted thresholds by a greater amount, the company said.

“Our new Activity Alerts capability helps fleet managers manage their operation more efficiently and further reduce their operating costs, which is of critical importance in today’s economy with rising fuel prices,” said Keith Schneider, president of Networkcar.

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