Salt Lake City-based Interide Logistics has announced it is launching Interide Transport, an asset-based trucking side for its business, using Aljex TIN (Transportation Intermediary Network) map-oriented, web-hosted software. According to Interide president Sean Snow, Interide Logistics, which also uses Aljex TIN, itself was founded in November with key executives who joined him from his former logistics team. Snow formerly had been the president of C.R. England Logistics.

“Now there are two distinct companies,” Snow explained. “Interide Logistics maintains freight brokerage and supply chain services, while Interide Transport houses the equipment and assets. Together these two teams enable Interide to provide innovative shipping solutions to customers of every size and type.”

Snow said he and his team selected Aljex after reviewing many available software options. “Aljex provides the flexibility to run asset and non-asset together in the same system for greater visibility and communications between the two companies,” he explained.

Aljex TIN is built around a zoomable map that displays loads with intuitive, one-click links to all the information both immediate and historic needed to book, dispatch, track, deliver, and bill freight movements of every kind, according to the company.

Snow noted that Interide Logistics and Interide Transport include the assets of two well-established businesses. Interide Logistics is the successor to a 24-year-old Denver brokerage purchased by Snow and moved to Salt Lake City. Similarly, Interide Transport incorporates the assets and staff of a Utah-based trucking company.

Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Interide Holdings, a parent company founded by Snow. He said he anticipates significant growth over the next few years, including $200 million in revenues and the addition of 200 employees.