Aljex Software says its new Aljex Vision is a comprehensive hosted offering that can handle every kind of transportation service. The program will be released before summer, the company said.

The web-hosted system creates a single dispatch screen that handles all the “inputs required to dispatch virtually any shipment. That includes company trucks, commercial truckload, LTL, airfreight, and both rail and international intermodal,” said president Tom Heine. (Read more Aljex news)

For a single monthly fee, customers can check carrier safety ratings, send and receive payments, and compute least-cost routing by mode. Vision also can rate shipments and audit invoices.

“Aljex Vision includes all the services a 3PL, broker, or corporate logistics department might need,” said Heine. “The one-price-for-all package eliminates concern over usage and keeps the cost predictable and low,” Heine said.

Vision incorporates all the current services of the Aljex TIN (Transportation Intermediary Network) program, including features such as a Google map interface, the ability to post to multiple load boards automatically, SmartSearch, and a feature that displays and contacts carriers that have handled similar loads in the past.