Milwaukee-based RAIR, a provider of compliance and safety services for the trucking industry, has announced it will provide motor carriers with free monthly CSA 2010 scorecards in response to the Federal Motor Carriers Assn.’s (FMCSA) change in the timeline for implementing the new federal safety compliance program. The scorecards will include percentile rankings against carriers’ peers.

"We don't charge for something that's free," said company president & CEO J.J. Singh, referring to the monthly CSA 2010 scorecards that will be available to all carriers from the FMCSA. "We only charge for the value we add."

He said the firm is in a unique position to help carriers determine the underlying causes of their violations and to provide daily assistance in improving their safety scores. "Our goal is to help ensure that our clients are never subject to an intervention by the DOT,” Singh noted. “That's how we add value." said Singh.

Motor carriers interested in receiving free monthly scorecards can contact RAIR by email at or phone 1-888-444-7010.