LAS VEGAS. GE Trailer Fleet Services chose the Truckload Carrier’s Assn. (TCA) conference this week here to make several announcements, including the expansion of its VeriWise Asset Intelligence solution to Mexico.

“GE has been in Mexico for almost 100 years,” Robert Williams, senior vp of sales for GE Equipment Services, Trailer Fleet Services said. “Trailer Fleet Services has been operating in Mexico since 1993. We currently have three branches in Mexico, including Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. The addition of our VeriWise solutions rounds out our existing Total Fleet Management Services for Mexico and completes the North American coverage strategy we laid out three years ago.”

According to Williams, GE Trailer Fleet Services, which has about 10% of Mexico’s trailer fleet services business, is by no means the company’s only involvement in Mexico. “GE has 34 plants in Mexico overall and some 11,500 employees,” he said.

For all trailer type markets, VeriWise has been officially branded, too. The satellite-based offering will be VeriWise Satellite, while the terrestrial solution will be called VeriWise Cellular, noted Williams. “In the future, we definitely will be offering a multi-modal unit,” he added. “It is clear that is the way the technology is going.”

The company also announced plans to open a larger Trailer Fleet Services branch near Boston on a new 23-acre site. The 7,800 sq.-ft. facility will serve growing rental and maintenance needs in New England. One New England customer, Hartt Transportation of Bangor, ME, recently ordered 974 of GE’s VeriWise Satellite, according to Williams. The satellite system provides coverage of the U.S. as well as Canada’s Maritime Provinces plus Ontario and Quebec.

Williams also announced that 60 GE mobile mechanics have completed the American Trucking Assn.’s Highway Watch training program, designed to utilize the skill and experience of America’s transportation workers to help protect the nation’s infrastructure and safeguard the transportation of goods, services and people.

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