Horizon Services Group is working with federal and local governments to create a national network for real time intermodal container tracking leveraging the existing RFID reader infrastructure on highways.

“This will be a significant step in solving the intermodal black hole,” said Duncan Wright, director of business development for Horizon Services Group. “We could track assets in real time, reduce unnecessary repositioning of containers, address congestion issues, improve asset utilization, and increase supply chain security for everyone’s benefit.”

The company has implemented an end-to-end intermodal active RFID tracking solution in September, which was combined with Horizon’s web-based event management system. It provided shippers visibility and supply chain efficiencies by providing real time information throughout the container’s transit.

Horizon is working to create a national tracking network to address an industry need for a sufficient reader infrastructure for tracking containers once they leave ports and get on the road to its final destination.