Wright Express Corp. and Networkcar today announced a strategic relationship designed to offer remote vehicle maintenance diagnostics and GPS vehicle location information to their common customers. In addition, Networkcar plans to offer a Wright Express co-branded fuel card to its commercial fleet customers.

Wright Express will market hardware, remote vehicle diagnostic services and vehicle location services powered by Networkcar.

“This strategic relationship is an exciting opportunity for both companies,” said Paul Washicko, president of Networkcar. “Wright Express and Networkcar offer unique functionality to their respective customers. By combining the offerings of each company, we will be able to jointly offer relevant new services that simplify fleet management and save our customers time and money.”

“The relationship builds on product synergies and complimentary value
propositions,” said Michael Dubyak, president & CEO of Wright Express. “Both Wright Express and Networkcar provide exceptional control and cost containment to businesses with vehicles. The information that Wright Express and Networkcar provide to their customers is also complementary. We plan to combine the fuel, diagnostic, and vehicle location data to provide extraordinary value to common customers.”

Customers will benefit from a real-time odometer capture, improved real-time alerts and maintenance data, and potential future data integration and additional data reporting, the companies said. This will help fleets eliminate unnecessary miles, optimize routing and dispatching, and reduce overtime costs, Networkcar and Wright Express said. Safety will be enhanced through real-time remote diagnostics, GPS-enabled roadside assistance, and speed alerts, the companies added.